Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying some good live music from a band that I had never heard before, and hope to hear again. Cody Hodges and The Linemen, from Brenam Texas. They took the stage at the Rusty Cactus in Oakwood, and made it their home, cranking out one great dance song after another. But what I liked most was Cody's original songs. Songs ranging from huracanes to rodeos and everything in between. Cody Hodges and The Linemen put on a great show with lots of energy and heart. Daniel York was the opening act of the night, he was great getting the audience pumped up and ready for Cody Hodges. The night was off and running with a fantastic start....and it didn't let up, it just kept on getting better. At the end of the night came a big surprise. Joining Cody Hodges and the Linemen on stage for the last few songs were local musicians, Doug Neal, Daniel York, and Randy was an awesome performace with out a doubt. I am so glad I made that short drive to Oakwood...., it looks like that little town in Leon County is about to become a hot spot for live music, at least thats what I think. So be on the look out for more live music in this area...its coming.....gypsy~on!

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