Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Nights

It was a 3 night purge. Three nights in a row.....its been a long long time since I have done that. And I felt it when it was all done and body and in my wallet. LOL. But it was all worth it. Three nights in a row of live music in one form or another. Night one was open mic night. Not a big turn out for that, just a few musicians and a comedian...and an audience not much bigger than a double handful...but it was still great live entertainment. Night two..karaoke. Say what you will about karaoke. A lot of musicians hate it, say it's a big joke, its for wannabes. I dont fully agree, and I am a musician. It gives the average person the opertunity to have the spotlight. Not everyone is blessed with the gift of playing an instrament...but may be blessed with a voice, this gives them the chance to show off their voice. And believe me, on 'night two', there was quite a few blessed vocies in there. Whitney Hicks has such an amazing voice, I always love to hear her sing. Her twin sister, Breann, totally blew me away with her equally anmazing voice. And then, their brother, JP Hicks, took the mic and did a fantastic job. Trully a blessed family indeed! Night three. After a long afternoon photo shoot and practice with my band, (you'll be hearing about that in a future blog), we went to check out the band that was playing at the Rusty Cactus...The TJ Broscoff Band. The band was a three piece, and they had a great sound, not as traditional as most bands that you hear in this area, but that was what I liked most about them. I really enjoyed what TJ Broscoff did...very smooth and tight performance. Wow, it was a long weekend for me...but was fun...even tho Im broke and tired. Gypsy~On!! Oh yeah, just a little note to always remember. The worst thing a band or singer can hear after a song...., is silence. Remember to make some noise, clap, whistle, yell, stomp your feet. Even if it wasnt that good. It takes a lot for them to do what they do, so give them some notice and a shout!

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