Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whats Happening!!??

Hey ! Its 2013 a brand new year!!! I have realized I have not been steady at my blog, so I guess I need to make the resolution to blog more regularly, eh? So many things have went on since I blogged last year, so I thought I just might get try to get ya caught up. Last July I disbanded Gypsy Head, a band I had formed back in 2009 which went through several line-up changes over its 3 year run. Reasons for the break up comment. LOL. But, only one month later, in August 2012, I had put together a new band! I got the original Gypsy Head bassest, T-Bone, (whom I have been friends with since 1982), guitarist Metal Mike (who was in Gypsy Head for its last two gigs), singer/songriter David Cargil, (whom I met about two years ago at an open mic night, and drummer Alan Wade, (who has played with Never Die Crew, and Alex Smith & Two Car Garage, and is also a stand- up comic.) With this crew of like minded musicians, with stress free attitude approch, and duel lead vocalists, I hope to have something that will get noticed and endure time. The new band is called, "The Lost Gypsies". The Lost Gypsies did three shows with in three weeks last October (note, we had only been together barely two months at the time). First one being the Fall Frolic in Jewett, Tx, then on the Peeler Swith Fest 3, sharing the stage with seveal bands, such as, Cody Hodges and the Linemen, Ben Morris & Great American Boxcar Chourus, FlintLock, Quxotic Flux, and 69 South. It was very cool. Then, a week later got a call from the LoneStar Cantina,needing a band to play...we pulled together along with our buddies Flintlock and gave then a double bill. Now, we are concentrating on our first FULL night gig coming up February 9th, 2013, at the Rusty Cactus in Oakwood Tx. then we are wide open to book as much as we can ...we just wanna play....and get in a studio and record...we have a lot of original material. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also met a star in the making at a kareoke night. Her name is Whitney Hicks....I have sang some duets with her...and asked her to open for me at a solo gig at The Healthy Rythms Art Gallery in Faifield. She did, and was a huge hit! I have since gave her the nickname, "Star~Child". She is amazing. Well aside from seeing some really good bands, such as, Lauren Alexander, Black Top Mojo, Guilty Pleasures of Austin, and Backseat Molly....that is pretty much what has been going, my Gypsy Lady Lisa took a job out of town and we may be moving asap.Looking forward to that. Here are some photos from 2012....The Lost Gypsies, FlintLock, Whitney Hicks and me, Backseat Molly, Guilty Pleasures Austin. Till next time....gypsy~on!!

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