Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Lost Gypsies Photo Shoot

I've been playing music for a long time now, but have wanted to have a band since I was a little kid. Granted, I have been in a few over the past 15 years, and finally I think I have stumbled onto one that will work out. The right group of guys that are on the same page is hard to find. Ant way, This band is called 'The Lost Gypsies'. We will have our debut public performance on October 13th at a small town festival in Jewett Texas. I asked a photagrapher friend of mine (she help out with my previous band photos a few years ago) if she would be interested in shooting us. Well, she said yes! Donna Helm came all the way from Dallas Texas to shoot us in Leon County (Oakwood to be specific). Donna is an awesome photographer, and very patient with us guys in the band (especially when T-Bone wanted to moon the camera....and did) She took the time in the East Texas heat getting all the right angles, locations, and poses to get the best of what she had to work with...us. (LOL) It was a great day for us.. she made us feel like rock stars, which we are far from that...but she made us feel great about ourselves while still keeping it very profesional. Donna Helm of Casa Noir Photography in Dallas Texas..http://​casanoirphotography.c​om..find her for your photography needs. In my opinion, she is the best to capture what you are looking for in photos. I know this....she is the bands official photographer from here on out. Gypsy~On!!

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